Sportsbox utilises the latest methods to provide 3D motion analysis of complex movements in real time using Kinematic AI technology. This unique technology can capture, measure and analyse complex athletic motions in 3D, combine this with the knowledge and experience of Barry Taylor PGA and it provides real-time corrective feedback to help students achieve their golfing goals.

Sportsbox gives 2D and 3D models using over 30 key points on the body, club and ball, which allows your coach to accurately detect comprehensive joints and body segments in motion without any markers. Having recorded the footage, your coach is then able to animate the body motion in full 3D, which can be viewed from six different angles - Face-on, Down-the-Line, Behind, From Target, Above and Below.

Used by some of the worlds finest coaches, including David Leadbetter, Sean Foley, Mike Adams and Terry Rowles. ​